Veterinary Services for Your Companion

At Brentwood Animal Hospital, we offer comprehensive health care to our clients because we know your pets are your family. From physical exams to behavioural and nutritional counselling, we cover every aspect of your pet’s health.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Annual exams– Without a doubt, routine health checks are vitally important because missing one annual exam is similar to a person not seeing their doctor for 4 or more years! Your pet may or may not require vaccines at this time, but annual visits provide us with a good history and baseline of your pet’s health as he or she ages and annual exams can aid in earlier detection of health problems.
  • Surgery & general anesthesia– It’s not just spays and neuters! While these procedures are the most typical performed here, we also do lump removals, biopsies, wound repair and other procedures. All pets that undergo general anesthesia have a dedicated veterinary nurse monitoring them at all times.
  • Prescriptions diets– Some health conditions such as allergies, gastrointestinal issues or obesity can be treated or improved with the use of specially prescribed diets. Benefits provided by these diets are observed when pets are correctly fed, whether that includes adding supplements or changing feeding behaviours. Ask our knowledgeable staff about your pet’s specific needs. We carry Royal Canin®, Hills® and Rayne® and Purina ® veterinary diets.
  • Retail– Some of the items we carry include supplements (such as glucosamine), shampoos, dental products and anti-stress products such as Feliway®. Our educated staff members are here to answer questions and provide information on the appropriate use of the products, including those recommended by our veterinarians. A wide range of pet products (from training aids to toys to treats) can be ordered through our online store.