Links to Helpful Information about Caring for Your Pet

At Brentwood Animal Hospital we believe that an informed owner is more likely to have a happy, healthy pet. Follow the links below to get helpful tips and useful information about your caring for your pet.

Some of these websites are American, so products or medications listed may not be available in Canada. However, the general information on these sites is still very good! If you find a link that doesn’t work, please let us know so that we may correct the situation.

General Medicine and Health Information

Veterinary Partner:
– excellent information for owners regarding pet health and illnesses

Pet Health Network:
– good overall information on topics such as breeds, behaviour, toxins, illnesses, and pet loss

Washington State University:
– information on pet diseases, anatomy, and how to perform basic care procedures on your pet

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association site for pet owners:
– follow the link to their public site for good information about pet care

Pet Food Nutrition:
– an unbiased site discussing pet nutrition and health issues

Association for Pet Obesity Prevention:
– information about pet obesity and tools to assist with weight loss

ASPCA Animal Poison Control:
– includes databases for toxic and non-toxic household products and plants (including pictures) and provides phone numbers for 24/7 consultation on individual cases (fee applies for this service)

Pet Poison Helpline:
– includes information on all hazardous materials to keep away from pets as well as what to do in the case of a poisoning emergency. A helpline is available (fees apply). 

Canine Specific Information

Canine Inherited Disorders Database:

Ohio State University Indoor Pet Initiative:
– this site is still undergoing development but has good information on dog behaviour

Dental Health

American Veterinary Dental Council:
– excellent information on periodontal disease and dental health
– for pictures of tooth resorption in cats, click on “Nomenclature” and then “Teeth Abnormalities” – “Tooth Resorption”

Veterinary Oral Health Council:
– includes a list of VOHC approved dental food and products

Dental Health – AVMA:
– American Veterinary Medical Association video on how to brush your pet’s teeth

American Veterinary Dental College – Resorptive Lesions page:
– information and pictures about dental resorptive lesions in cats

Cornell University – Tooth Resorption Page:
– information about tooth resorption in cats


ProZinc Feline Insulin website:
– information about diabetes in cats and tips for insulin administration, including a video

Caninsulin website:
– information on managing diabetes in dogs and cats

Washington State University:
– information about diabetes mellitus and insulin handling/administration

Eye Health

– American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists site that includes information on common eye disorders

Feline Specific Information

Ohio State University Indoor Pet Initiative:
– information on cat behaviour and environmental enrichment

International Cat Care:
– health and behaviour information, as well as ‘How To’ guides, videos, and material on cat breeds

Cat Healthy website:
– information on preventative care topics with links to other good websites

Have We Seen Your Cat Lately? Website:
– information on feline health, behaviour, and common illnesses; video and tips for a stress-free trip to the vet

American Association of Feline Practitioners:

Cornell Feline Health Center:


Companion Animal Parasite Council:
– contains an index for information on different parasites (including pictures) as well as USA prevalence maps

IDEXX Laboratory Pet Disease Reporting Site:
– use the ‘For Owners’ tab to access information and Canadian prevalence maps for heartworm and Lyme disease

Pet Loss Support

Colorado State University:
– Argus Institute Counseling and Support Services through CSU has excellent resources for pet loss
– ‘Making Decisions’ booklet available for order (as hardcopy or pdf) for nominal fee

Part of the Family Pet Memorial:
– An Edmonton-based company that provides pet memorial services
– this site’s “Resources” section has excellent links for other pet loss sites

Pet Loss Support Page:

Pet Loss Canada:

Aaron Enterprises:
– this local pet cremation company’s site has pictures of memorial products available

Veterinary Associations and Government Agencies

Alberta Veterinary Medical Association –

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association –

Edmonton Humane Society –

Canadian Food Inspection Agency –
– general information about pet imports/exports; click on the ‘animal’ link and then on ‘pet imports/pet exports’

If your pet needs to travel (by air), consider this website –

Veterinarians Without Borders –

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies –

Emergency Information

Brentwood Animal Hospital is currently operating as a day hospital and we are unable to offer after-hours emergency services at this time. If you think your pet requires emergency assistance, please contact one of the emergency facilities listed below:

Southside: 780-436-5880

Sherwood Park:  780-570-9999